Thursday, May 30, 2013

Friends Are Fun. And Wear Us Out.

We had a friend extravaganza today!  First we played with Davis (so that Elizabeth could get more packing done).  We love having Davis come over.  Ellie and Davis found some mushrooms in the grass and could not stop staring at them.  They finally were convinced that the mushrooms could not hurt them if they got stepped on or touched.  The mushrooms would only hurt them if they were eaten.
 More tower building.  And Lynlee picked her own outfit this morning.  She is starting to have an opinion about what she wears.

 After Davis went home, Ellie went next door to play with Hope and Baelie.  She came tearing back in a little while later to get her swimming suit on.  Lynnie and I went back with her to watch the fun.  The big girls loved the pool and Lynnie loved Hope's swing set.

 After a fun day of playing, we were worn out.  Lynnie fell asleep at 5:19 while I was making dinner.  She woke back up at 8 and stayed up forever.  I fell asleep at 11:30 and she was still making noises in the baby's room (the extra room with the crib in it that the girls call the baby's room--no announcements about any potential babies coming to our family).  She went in there because she kept on hitting Ellie around 10:30, waking her up.  I think she was bored...

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