Friday, May 17, 2013

Fun at the Mall

We headed to the mall to meet Lynlee's birth dad for lunch (it's Albert's birthday!), and had a great time playing at the Treehouse.

 Photo by Ellie
 Ellie was, as Lynlee calls it, super brave.  She climbed up and over everything, and loved walking on the dinosaur tail.
 The last time the library did puppet shows, they did one of the book The Pout Pout Fish.  We all loved it.  So when I saw the book and the fish at Kohl's, we snagged it.  Lynnie has taken to carrying her "puh puh" fish everywhere we go.  Now she has to sleep with her pout pout fish and her cute baby (her puppy) and her white blankie.

I'm a Pout Pout Fish with a pout pout face
And I spread the dreary-wearies all over the place
Blub Bluuub Bluuuuuuuub

 Beautiful Ellie

 Lynlee was climbing on the dinosaur's head, and Greg snuck around to surprise her.  It turned into a giggly game where Greg was trying to give kisses.
 Of course Ellie needed a turn, too!

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