Saturday, May 11, 2013


We came home from the Adoption Walk and dug right into the yardwork.  We were outside almost 5 hours and the girls did awesome!  

We made a quick stop at the nursery down the street from our house to get starts and seeds, and Lynnie loved this little bridge.

They played and helped and played some more.  Hope came over for about an hour, but for the rest of the time they mostly stayed in the backyard with us.  They kicked the ball and played puppy dogs (Ellie got bowls of water and snacks for them and they ate like puppies).  They had Otter Pops and threw rocks.  They pushed each other in the stroller (until Lynlee almost dumped Ellie over the edge).  They watched snails and spiders.  They played with Tammy when she came to say hi.

Lynnie loved smelling the dandelions Ellie picked for me.  Mother's Day flowers, you know!

Greg got the raspberry bushes cleaned up and pruned, the waterfall started, the yard trimmed and mowed, and lots of weeds pulled.

I got the garden boxes weeded (again), new compost mixed in, and everything planted.  And I sprayed weeds on the side of the house, in the digout, along the fence--until we ran out of stuff.  Can't wait to get more on Monday.

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