Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ballet Class

Today was the day.  The day Ellie has been looking forward to for months.  The day she would finally get to go to ballet class.

She has pretend ballet class all of the time.

She talks about when she gets bigger she will get to go to a real ballet class.

Preschool and gymnastics are over and I thought summer was the best time to try it out.  I signed her up for an introductory dance class at the Legacy Center and she is SO.  EXCITED!!!

Outfit picked?  Check!

"Pack Pack" all packed with ballet shoes and a water bottle?  Check!
 Lynlee wearing a tutu also, just because?  Check!

 I gave us plenty of time to get there and wander around a little before class started.  We got there 20 minutes early and the waiting area was already full.  I started chatting with the mom sitting next to us and found out she was there for the class before us.

The teacher did not show up.

The front desk was alerted, some checking was done, and a staff member apologetically told us all that the teacher had an emergency and class was cancelled for the day.

Lots of little girls in tears...

I was proud of Ellie and how she handled it.  We have been talking a lot about being flexible, and I think that is paying off.  She definitely got sad, but she just looked at me, sighed, and said, "I'm really disappointed, Mom.  I'm just so disappointed."

As a consolation prize, we went and played at the park.  Ellie quickly ripped off her dance clothes and put on the extra clothes we keep in the car so she was ready to play.  

She only told me she was sad and disappointed 6 more times on the way to the park.

I was disappointed, too.  I hope everything is OK with her teacher, though.

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