Friday, June 14, 2013


I invited some friends to go to the beach with us and we set it up for Friday.

I accidentally wrote it down on my calendar for Thursday.

On Thursday morning, we first packed up and headed off to swimming lessons.  Lynnie wanted to wear her pajamas, and I was fine with that.  She waits for sister's lessons like a champ!

Ellie did great and jumped right into the water.  I love watching her be brave.

Then we headed home to get ready for the beach.  And I figured out that I had the day wrong and our friends were coming tomorrow.

We were all amped up and so we headed out anyway.  We tried Highland Glen Park this time (right behind Lone Peak High School) and it was nice for a change.  The pond was smaller than Manila Creek Park Pond and there was some nice grass to sit on.  Ellie was disappointed to not be able to build sand castles, though.
 They entertained themselves for a long time playing Primary.  They sang songs and gave talks and said prayers.
 Ellie liked to tell Lynnie what to say.
 Bath time when we got home turned into an hour-long play fest.  The girls painted with some colored body wash, and loved creating bubbles.  Ellie was Santa Claus and got a lot of items for everyone's Christmas list.
Friday morning was a little chilly, but we all decided to brave it anyway.  I was so glad, because the weather was perfect at the beach.  Absolutely perfect!
Hope was hiding from the sun because she got a little hot.  So, of course, Ellie had to hide also.
 Our newest food obsession is barbeque potato chips.  And Lynnie was a little possessive!

 Hope's brothers are well-trained and very kind, and let Ellie help them build a pond.
 So much fun to hang out with Catherine and Traci!
 Lynnie was very brave today and waded in a little ways.  It took us about 5 minutes to get to this point, but then she was excited.

What a great adventure!

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