Monday, June 24, 2013

FHE with the Morrows

We love hanging out with the Morrows.  We were lucky enough to have them join us for dinner and Family Home Evening.  Ellie and the President were in charge of the lesson, I suggested the activity (hot tub) and then Hailey & Shaylee were in charge of that, and Julie provided the treats.

Ellie is astounding me lately with all of the random words she is reading.  I haven't pushed reading, or worked with her on reading, or anything.  Any time we watch TV I have the subtitles on and she had a great year in preschool.  And of course, we read together every day.  But we don't do flashcards or things like that.

I was finishing up dinner when Ellie went to pick a lesson.  She brought the book over and said, "Mom, this says Jesus was resurrected Easter."  I thought she made it up because of the picture or something, but when I looked I found she had read it correctly.

Ellie assigned the prayers and started teaching.   We had a fun lesson and then the girls headed to change.  Nick went home to get ready for Trek, and the adults stayed inside to chat.

 Lynlee crashed hard right after her bath.  She was worn out from her fun night!

1 comment:

Julie M said...

That was TOTALLY IMPRESSIVE when Ellie read the title of that lesson!!! Thanks for a such a fun night!


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