Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Dance Clas

My visiting teachers came over today, and Ellie excitedly told them that her first dance class was in a couple of hours.  Sister Williams very seriously asked Ellie to make sure and take lots of pictures.

We were very happy to get to class and see the teacher inside.  She had had a family emergency last week and class was cancelled at the last minute.

 Mom, take the picture for Sister Williams!
 Class started off with a tour of the room.  It looked like the teacher was telling them what they could and could not touch.

 Then it was stretching time.  I know that stretching is important, but they stretched for 15 minutes.  In a 30 minute class.  Should I expect that to happen every week?
 Then the little girl standing next to Ellie had an accident.  Luckily, none got on Ellie's shoes (she was very concerned about that).  The teacher dispatched someone to fetch a mop and moved the girls away from the area.  They worked on their positions.  Ellie at first was more interested in her nail polish (she had painted her nails for class) than in the moves.
 But then she got into it.

A very successful and fun first class!

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Monique Holladay said...

Ha ha the really tall one is my adorable niece :) Leah. I'm sure my sister-in-law is hanging around when you are there. We need to join this class! Fun kids and moms.


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