Thursday, June 20, 2013

Girls' Camp

I love Girls' Camp.  It is, perhaps, my favorite place on earth.

Since 1999, I have only missed one year of camp.  I manage to get myself invited every year.  And now that Greg is the Stake President, I have a standing invitation.  So I am considering the next 9 years covered!

Nick came over to babysit on Wednesday and Greg & I headed up to play the Candy Bar Game with our ward.  I learned this game from Heidi Smith back in the good old Lehi 25th ward, and have happily made it a tradition in our ward as well!

The game is simple, but fun because of the tradition and the chants that have evolved over the years.  If you roll a 7, 11, or doubles, you can either pick a candy from the table or steal it from another person.  President loves to steal, and the girls love to steal back from him.  Every time someone gets a good roll, we all scream "7!" or "11!" or "doubles!"  And when something is stolen, we chant

A steal, a steal, a steal, WOOT WOOT

Okay, it is much more exciting in person.

This year Alesha (or was it Mari?) came up with a variation to have two sets of dice going around simultaneously.  It was awesome!  Much harder to keep track of where the favorite candy was hiding and it kept the intensity level up.
giving me a WOOT WOOT
After our game, we hung out for about an hour and got the lowdown on the camp highlights so far.  I love sitting in the mountains with these precious girls and hearing about what is important to them.

On Thursday, the girls got to play all day with Aunt Jessica and Denver.  Ellie and Lu were so excited, and Jessica was so gracious to offer.  They had so much fun!
Greg and I spent more time at Heber Valley this day.  Our ward has never gone before, and it is pretty plush.  It didn't really seem like camping, but all of the amazingness that is Girls' Camp was still there.
wristband = official visitor
There are sleeping cabins that have 16 bunks for girls and 4 bunks for leaders behind a partition wall.  Each campsite (for a ward or two) also has a gorgeous pavilion, with 3 toilets and 3 showers attached.  Plus running water and sinks and picnic tables and refrigerators and electricity in the pavilion. 

 Our stake shared a campground with the Traverse Mountain Stake (that we split from in February).  We were in Camp Rebekah, and there are 6 or 7 other camps on the property.  I didn't realize it was so big up there!  Some other amazing parts:  a bigger pavilion with a full, industrial kitchen for all of Camp Rebekah; a Challenge Course for each campground; a lake with canoes and paddle boats; and lots of hiking trails.
We played the Candy Bar Game again with the Pheasant Pointe 6th Ward (the other half of the original Bull River 3rd Ward) and had an amazing afternoon with them.
 Casey Hansen was totally rocking his pink chevron headband.  Bishop Foy and Brother Shipp were looking pretty handsome as well.  But no one is as good-looking as the one I claim!
 After wandering around for a couple of hours and visiting with people, we had the privilege of going to the closing flag ceremony.  I love feeling the Spirit so strongly at Girls' Camp, and especially the sweet spirit that is there when all of the girls are gathered together.  Greg got to be the closing speaker, and he told the sweetest story about Lynlee that got two spontaneous "ahhhs" from the crowd.

He was talking on the theme of "Stand Ye In Holy Places" and he talked about how any place can be a holy place, if you have the Holy Ghost with you.  He said that the night before when he got home from his meetings, I had just put the girls in bed and Lynlee was still awake.  He went to check on her, and she said, "Daddy, will you come snuggle me?"

{first big AHHHH}

He went and laid by her and she put her hands on his cheeks {second big AHHHH} and told him about her day.  That was a holy place, and a tender moment.

After the flag ceremony, we got to have dinner with the Stake Leaders and enjoyed a couple of hours with them.  Then it was back down the mountain to pick up the darling girls and head home.

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