Saturday, June 1, 2013

Walk With Angels

I'm on the Signing Time email list and was excited to get an email saying Rachel was doing a live event with the Walk With Angels Foundation.  At Wines Park.  In Lehi.  

I immediately signed up.

I didn't tell the girls about it til the night before.  And it was instant excitement!

We got there in the morning and immediately headed to the bouncy houses.  Lynnie wanted to watch, and Ellie tried them all (the big one, and the medium one, and the little one).
 Waiting so patiently for her turn to go.

 After a while, we headed back to the main part of the event and watched a darling dance group comprised of dancers (who happen to have Down Syndrome).  We saw Rachel and had to go over and meet her.  I expected Lynnie to be a little shy, but I was surprised at how shy Ellie acted.  They were both hiding behind my legs and just peeking at Rachel.  We chatted for a few minutes, got an autographed picture, and went back to watch more of the performing groups.
 Then I realized I had forgotten to get a picture with Rachel, so we watched for a break in her line and headed back over.  The girls actually talked to her this time, and Ellie signed "big bad wolf." 

It's intimidating to meet a person you only see on TV in real life!

 Next on the agenda was the walk part of the "Walk With Angels" event.  We got lined up right behind Rachel (because I had registered with Team Signing Time!) and were ready to walk around the block.  

And Lynnie had to go potty.

So we headed to the bathrooms and took care of business.  Then we had to swing a little (since the swings are right next to the bathroom).  The girls practiced pumping, and Ellie is starting to get the hang of it!

 The walkers were coming around by us, so we hopped off the swings and took off across the grass to intercept them.  We made it around the corner and then Lynnie had a meltdown.  So we hopped out of line, got her calmed down, and then just headed over to pick out a perfect spot for Rachel's concert.

We got the best spot, off to the side of the speaker (so it wasn't so loud), in the shade, and in the front row.
 Then we took turns not wanting our picture taken by our sister.

 And finally it was time for the main event!  We had been waiting all morning to hear Rachel sing and perform!
 The girls were enthralled and were singing and signing right along with Rachel.

 On the Colors of the Rainbow song, Rachel pulled kids out of the audience to help demonstrate colors.
 Next up was Feelings, and I know that Lynnie has the best SCARED sign of all kids.  I did a total mom move, and when Rachel was about to do the scared sign (since I knew it was 3rd in that song), I said, very loudly, "Lynnie, sign scared!"

Lynnie signed it, Rachel saw it, and we got pulled on stage!
 This was the only time of the day that I was sad we were by ourselves, since I didn't have anyone to take a picture of Ellie and Lynnie signing.  They did all of the feeling signs and were so cute.  Lynnie kept on dancing around and getting out of line, she was so excited.

Luckily, I follow Signing Time on Facebook, and they posted pictures of the event.  I was able to snag the pictures of us.


After the awesome concert, we got some lunch, played on the slides, and finished up with a round of cotton candy. We have never tried it before, and it was a hit with Ellie.  Lynnie, not so much.

 Walking back to the car, we passed the balloons that marked the beginning and ending of the Walk, and paused to play for a minute.

Where did Lynlee go?

What an awesome event!

After we got home and had Quiet Time, Ellie wanted to play with Hope.  I had Operation: No Nap in full force, so we decided to play in the pool in the backyard.  So much fun.

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