Friday, June 21, 2013

We Miss The Lassons!

We all woke up late and I was getting us hurried along to make it to our play date with Elizabeth, Davis, and Callie on time.

We totally would have (almost) made it except for the Pull-Up-In-The-Dryer-Disaster.

We loved seeing their new house, and especially loved all of the fun things to do.  We played in the backyard, and had a picnic, and played in the basement.

 After saying good-bye, we headed to the U to pick up some mail.  I haven't been to my office in over a year, and the junk mail had completely filled my little slot.  After briefly catching up with my favorite secretary Sandy, we headed downstairs to take a picture with the U.

These future Utes look great with their "cheeser smiles!"
 Ellie came up with the idea to walk on the railing and was done so quickly.  Lynnie took a little longer, and we had fun watching her come.  She kept on saying things like, "I'm coming, honey!" and "almost there, sweetheart!"

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