Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

I love our country, and I cherish the freedoms we have.  I love celebrating the 4th of July!

 We were all up nice and early, excited to get playing. 

 Ellie got up at 5 a.m.  6 hours of sleep was not quite cutting it for her.  She wanted to jump, but she didn't want to jump.  She wanted to play basketball, but she didn't want to play basketball. 

I had been planning on making a Target run around noon to get a nap out of the girls, and after the fifth meltdown, Jonette and I headed out at 8:30 a.m.
 Ellie wanted Aunty Jonette to carry her, but kept on saying she wasn't tired.
9 a.m.
The more adventurous ones in our group (Kyle, Kaysen, Greg, Tammy, & Grandpa) went out at 6 a.m. to go 4 wheeling and dirt biking.  They got home early, because one of their friends had a 4 wheeler roll on top of him.  Totalled the machine, and the friend had bruised lungs and a bruised heart.  Tammy says it was the scariest thing she had ever seen.
 Scott took a 4 wheeler up this hill to try and rescue his son that was on a dirt bike.  He turned the 4 wheeler to park it, but it rolled right on top of him.  Luckily, he was hit by the seat and not by the handle bars.  The machine went end over end down the hill, bouncing 4 feet into the air.

 Ellie and Lynnie had a 3 hour nap.  Macey got in on the action.
 After naptime, it was time to watch Tangled.  Elle and Lu were glued to Ky and Kikidee the whole time.  Super cute cousin love!

"Ellie, will you feed me?"

While we were watching the movie, Kiera decided she wanted to flat iron my hair.  This led to a full-fledged beauty session for everyone!  I clearly do not have the "selfie" technique down, but my hair looked great.
 Kiera did Ellie's hair, and...
 ...Ky did Lynnie's hair.
 Then it was party time!  Kyle and Jonette had invited only 62 people, and it was a great party. 

So fun eating lots of food and talking with lots of friends.  The girls were pretty tired, so Greg & I skipped the fireworks and put the girls to bed while everyone else went off to the show.

Kiera was nice enough to give us her bedroom while we were there.  The girls loved sleeping on the floor right by us, and they snuggled right up to each other just like always.  
 Kyle fed Ellie breakfast every morning.  Super healthy.  Crunch Berries and chocolate milk (not together -- dry cereal and chocolate milk to drink).
 Macey was really good with the girls this time, probably because Ellie and Lynlee were nice to her and have learned how to not bug her.  Ellie really wanted May May to be happy and brought her a bunch of toys.
 Lynlee loved to pet the "kitty statue" but she always told me it was dirty.
 Cousin snuggles are the best!  The absolute best!
 It didn't even cross my mind to pack the girls' life jackets, so we took a trip to the beach area while the rest went boating.  They came over to wave to us from the boat, and the wake made the lake ripple and got Ellie's shorts all wet.  It was fun to wade and to make snowmen out of sand.
 After the beach we drove around for a while to look at the lake and mountains, and (of course) the girls fell asleep.  I was in love with the details.  Ellie's sweet hands, and..
 ...Lulu's amazing eyelashes.
 When everyone was home it was nice to sit on the porch and talk.  Ellie figured out how to climb on the trampoline by herself and it was very exciting.

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