Sunday, July 14, 2013

Family Dinner

Highlights from the Monthly Family Dinner at Grandma Camp's house:

Ellie:  "Mom, look, there's my favorite grandma!  I'm really glad she didn't die."
 Watching the girls play with Gwen.  And watching Ellie demonstrate how often she changes her clothes.  We came in dance outfits, she put on her pajamas, and then changed back into her dance outfit.
Listening to Ellie put on a show after dinner.  She took pictures and then stood by the couch and narrated a complete story.  If someone at the table stopped listening or whispered, Ellie would stop, put a hand on her hip, and say, "Guys, you really need to pay attention.  I can't go on until you are watching me."

She told us the picture of the little figurine was Jesus and He wanted to stop the dragon.  I told her that maybe she should take a picture of an actual Jesus if she wanted Him in the story. 
 So she took a picture of Grandma's picture and continued with her story.
 Lynnie loves Grandma's rocking chair!

For the first time, Lynnie climbed up all by herself, and came down all by herself.  She was so proud of herself and did it over and over and over again.
 A great night at Grandma's house!

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