Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Greg's Birthday Celebrations

I had choir practice and Greg had appointments on his birthday, so we did our traditional dinner out on Tuesday night.  We met Greg at Texas Roadhouse and had a nice dinner.  Both girls tried fried pickles & peanuts, and Ellie ate 2 rolls + steak.  Lynnie does better at being more balanced and had carrots, broccoli, corn, and macaroni and cheese.

Greg got to sit on the saddle while the staff sang to him.  It really freaked Ellie out and she cried.  So sad!

 Putting the girls to bed is always fun, and since it was Daddy's birthday we snuggled in his bed instead of in the girls' bed.  They tried to pretend to be asleep for the picture.

On Wednesday we had fun decorating for Daddy and making him a cake and a special dinner.
 We wrote a bunch of notes of things we love about Daddy, and Ellie & Hope hid them all over the house.  It was fun to watch the girls' excitement as they helped Greg find the notes. 

 After dinner it was time for presents and cake.  A wonderful birthday!

The Birthday Boy--41 years old today

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