Sunday, July 7, 2013

More From Vacation

Lynlee was obsessed with Uncle Kyle all weekend and followed him around a lot.  He is so sweet with the babies!

 Play it loud, just like a rockstar
Shout it out, just like a rockstar
Come on everybody let me hear you sing
Be just like a rockstar, hey hey hey!

quality lyrics from The Fresh Beat Band
 We went and tried out the Comfort-Pedic beds that Jonette and Tammy both have purchased.  It was really nice, and definitely something to put on our "maybe someday" wish list.
making sure sister doesn't fall off the couch from her nap
 Kikidee was super nice and painted an awesome turtle on Ellie's face.  Between Lu's nap and the painting, Jonette, Tammy, Kaysen and I were able to play an entire game of Hand and Foot.  It was the only time the whole trip we got all of the rounds completed.

Returning the favor.
 Ky's guinea pig Max was a huge hit.

 So glad Ky shared her pictures with me.  She got some good shots!  We called Ellie and Ky twins this time.  They spent a lot of time together, and they are very similar.  Especially in their picky eating habits and their super smarts.

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