Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rocket Ship

We always love to spend time with Aunt Amy when she is here on a visit.  She has been here more than normal this summer, as she finished her teaching contract in Shanghai and is getting ready to move to Oman.

On Tuesday, we went to visit Mom and Amy.  Mom had surgery on her eye, so she was home recuperating.  Ellie and Amy spent a couple of hours making and decorating a rocket ship.

 No rocket ship is complete without names.  Ellie knows how to write her name and Lynlee's name.
 Grandma and Lynlee enjoyed some stories together.
 Amy freaked the girls out by writing on the floor.
 No trip to Grandma's house is complete without playing on the slide.

 Ellie and Amy even found some "astronaut" clothes.
 They tried, but they didn't really fit that well together...

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