Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It's become a tradition, heading to Helena, Montana for a vacation.  We went

for Labor Day in 2008,

for the 4th of July in 2009,

for Labor Day in 2009 (to show off brand-new Ellie), 

for Christmas in 2009,

for Papa John's funeral in 2010,

for Labor Day in 2010,

for Christmas in 2010 ( to show off brand-new Lynlee),

for Kylene's high school graduation in 2011

for the 4th of July in 2012,

and now for the 4th of July in 2013.

And, wow, that was a fun trip down memory lane looking up all of those trips!  Did I miss any Ky or Kikidee?

We carpooled with Tammy, and she was a good sport about how much extra time it takes to travel with potty-trained little girls who drink a lot of milk.  Tammy has the trip down to a science, and can make it in less than 7 hours with only one flying stop.  We had 3 (4?) stops and it took us about 8 and half hours.  It seemed a lot longer, though, because we couldn't leave until after Greg got home from a meeting and didn't get Tammy and get on the road until 11:30.  I have definitely been converted to the 4 a.m. start.

The beautiful thing about our visits is that we get to relax and catch up with some of our favorite people.  We always play a lot of Hand & Foot, and jump on the trampoline, and play with Kyle's toys (like the boat and the 4 wheelers and the hot tub).  

Lynnie's favorite toy right now are her "instruments."  She has appropriated 2 blue combs and they can be a fiddle or a keyboard or drumsticks or whatever she feels like.  She carries them everywhere.
 Always a highlight to drive through Spencer, Idaho.

 A little entertainment in the truck.
 Lynnie was a little nervous to try out Uncle Kyle's new hot tub.  It had a cool waterfall feature that pushed Lu over the edge.  But Ellie loved it.

 A long and fun day.  Ellie fell asleep around 11, and Lynnie finally gave in at 11:15.  Awesome!

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