Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ward Party

We were excited to go to the ward party in the Miller's backyard.  We were gone last Sunday, but my visiting teachers told me the scoop was to bring your own chairs.  So Greg carried 4 camp chairs, I carried treats, and we happily walked down to the party.
 When we got to the party, there were plenty of tables and chairs set up, and we didn't even pull our chairs out.  Oh well.  Greg built up some muscle on that walk!

We spent an enjoyable hour chatting, eating, and helping the girls play on the swings and the bounce house.

Then it got windy.  Like, really windy.  Thick, black clouds started rolling in and I told Greg we needed to get home fast.  We grabbed our chairs and our platter and walked home as quickly as we could.  It was quite an adventure, walking uphill into the wind. 

Lynnie walked really well, even though we were hurrying, until she tripped and fell down in front of the Tanner's old house.  I took over two chairs and Daddy carried Lynnie the rest of the way.

I felt bad abandoning the party, and even worse when the rain started when we were in front of the Hendrix's house, and really started coming in earnest right after we walked in the garage.  It was quite a storm!  Our poor friends who were still at the Miller's house...

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