Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beach Day

It was time for another beach day!  It was really mellow as there were not that many people there and all of the children looked 5 and younger.

We spent a few hours just doing whatever we wanted--digging in the sand, wading, and even swimming.

 It's been a while since we came, and the pond is fuller now.  There was less than half the beach as before.  It made it easy to get in the water!
 Lynnie really surprised me, and showed me how much she pays attention to what is going on.  The first time (and every time, now that I think about it) we went down to the water, she asked, "teacher, is it ok I can get in the water?"

When Ellie took swimming lessons, every class she would ask me, and then have to ask her teacher before getting in the water.  A great safety tool!  I was so happy Lynnie remembered and asked me today.
 do you see the death grip Lynnie has on my hand?
 Ellie wanted to bring her turtle, and it turned out really fun.

And nervewracking.

We quickly established ground rules.  She had to be able to put her feet down and stand up at all times, and she had to be within two steps of me.

But she had increasing confidence in her kicking and kept on trying to get farther away.  At one point, we had a conversation like this:

Heather:  Ellie, I need to you turn around and come closer!

Ellie:  Why, Mom?

H:  I have to be able to reach you.

E:  Why, Mom?

H:  So you are safe.

E:  But my turtle keeps me safe.

H:  But I have to be able to get to you super fast if you fall off of your turtle.

E:  I won't do thaaaat.

H:  Just in case.

E:  So you want me to be safe?  Because you're my mom?

H:  That's exactly right, baby girl.

and she stayed within reach the rest of the time.

And even though I was right next to her and had eyes on her, it made me nervous.  She was just confident enough, but still doesn't have enough skills to be safe.

 Lynnie eventually waded in up to her waist, and we spent a lot of time walking around.  She probably would have gone deeper if I had been willing to get my shorts wet!
 We had fun building a pond.  Lynnie thought it was pretty fun to put on the turtle and go swimming in the pond.

We spent almost three hours at the pond, but with good sunblock and the shade umbrella, we had no sunburns.  Yeah!  

And I hope Elizabeth is proud of me.

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Elizabeth said...

The sunscreen nazi approves ;)


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