Monday, August 12, 2013

Birthday Picnic

Ellie's 4th birthday party (for her magic birthday--turning 4 on the 4th) was, perhaps, the best one.  We had a picnic with Tayler and her family to celebrate!

Presents were practically first on the agenda.  Can't go too long without opening those!  Tayler got Ellie a Belle doll that has a swimsuit and changes colors in cold water.  Super cool.

And she got "Cinderellie."   Pure joy.

We gave Tayler a printed copy of her blog from 2012.  Ellie picked the cover this time.  She wanted it to be pink for Tayler.

We spent a while hanging out at the picnic tables and talking, and the girls wandered around playing.

It is amazing to me how Ellie makes friends everywhere she goes.

Tayler and her husband Josh have the most adorable daughter.  You can definitely tell that Piper and Ellie share genes!

Lu found some sticks and instantly made them drumsticks.

She didn't want to share with Piper, but she was happy to demonstrate how they worked.

The girls used paper cups and tried to make sand castles, but it didn't really work because the sand was not wet.  But they had fun digging around.

Ellie could not wait to walk on the bridge, and Tayler was quick to hop up and make sure she stayed safe.  

And if that is not a metaphor for the birth mom/child relationship, I don't know what is!

We had fun throwing leaves and sticks on one side of the bridge and watching them float out the other side.

I really wanted to take a picture of the three girls together.  But photography with a 1 year old, 2 year old, and (barely) 4 year old yields a lot of funny shots like these:

"Lynnie, hold Piper's hand.  See if that will make her happy."

"Mom, she won't hold my hand!"

This cute shot is the best I got!

Photo by Ellie

Ellie thought she might want to be done taking pictures, but Tayler persuaded her to try again.  Their relationship is kind of magical--Ellie loves to do whatever Tayler asks!

Another photo by Ellie

And here is what this night was all about.  Watching and capturing the special bond Tayler and Ellie have.  Truly amazing.  Truly magical.  Their love for each other is palpable.

My heart melts to see it.

 Tayler's girls.


Oh, Ellie.  You have the most priceless expressions.

Photos by Lynlee.

Daddy to the rescue -- Mommy has the camera back!


Kristine Tanner said...

You are amazing, Heather! It takes some special parents to do what you do and have the relationships you have. Your blog always inspires me to just enjoy my kids a little more, to not take them for granted especially in the simple things, and recognize the miracle they are and the privilege it is to have them. You certainly do!! :)

Julie M said...

This is a beautiful post!!!


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