Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dirt. And More Dirt.

I've stopped trying to get Lynnie to stop eating dirt.  It really has been a losing battle.  We played outside twice, and both times she had a faceful of evidence.

We loved having Hope play with us all day as her dad was in surgery.  Not fun for them, but sure fun for us!

And I've clearly stopped trying to get Ellie to wear clothes when we are in the house.  She always tells me she's just so hot!
 Hope fell asleep literally moments after that picture was taken, and so we tried to play quietly while she was napping.  Putting coins in the piggy bank kept us busy for about an hour.
 After Hope woke up, we went back outside and played some more.

 The girls made a campfire and had fun creating puddles with their spray bottles.
It was a gorgeous day--not too hot--and Ellie had the brilliant idea to have a picnic for dinner.  We love to eat outside.  And we were just finishing up when the rain started.  It was perfect timing.

1 comment:

Magson said...

"I've stopped trying to get Lynnie to stop eating dirt."

Glad to hear you've stopped trying to cripple her immune system's development! Kids need to eat dirt :-P


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