Sunday, August 4, 2013

Eliana is 4!

4 years ago, this darling girl entered the world.

Ellie is growing up so fast and is getting to be so independent!  She definitely has a mind of her own, and wants to do things her own way.

She is smart (already reading lots of words), spunky, and sweet.  She takes good care of her sister and is very polite.  She loves to be in charge and to play pretend.

I am so blessed to call her "daughter."

Ellie's birthday also has me reflecting on her birth mom and remembering the events surrounding her birth.  Tayler is our hero.  Her decision to follow the Spirit and place Ellie in our family has led to innumerable blessings.  I pray every day that Tayler feels of our love and the love of our Heavenly Father.

Ellie's 4 year old quiz

answers by Ellie

1.  What are Ellie's favorite colors?  pink & green
2.  What is Ellie's favorite food?  grilled cheese sandwiches
3.  Favorite cereal?  chocolate mini-wheats
4.  Favorite candy?  skittles
5.  Favorite treat drink?  Hi C
6.  What does she sleep with?  Lambie and Blankie
7.  Favorite TV show?  Hello Kitty
8.  Favorite movie?  Cinderella
9.  Favorite princesses?  Ariel, Belle and Ta-roar-a {Aurora}
10.  Favorite song?  Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words (because of the line:  "like the warblings of birds on the heather")
11.  What classes/lessons has she had in the last year?  Kindermusik, dance, gymnastics, swimming, and preschool
12.  Who is her best friend?  Hope
13.  Showers or baths?  Showers
14.  Favorite game on the iPad?  Temple Run and Temple Run 2
15.  Favorite game on the Wii?  Wii Fit
16.  Prefer snuggles with Mom or Dad?  DADDY

And, a bonus picture of Lynlee with her "cute grin":

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