Thursday, August 1, 2013

Family-Filled Week

Our week just kept getting busier and busier, and more fun.  Jonette, Kylene, and Kiera flew through town on a college visiting trip.  Kiera has it narrowed down to half a dozen schools or so. 

We spent a relaxing afternoon chatting and playing.  Clay stopped by to hang as well, and Kikidee and Clay took the girls out to the trampoline for about 20 minutes.

Ellie was so grown up when we were delivering invitations to her birthday party.  She opened her own car door, ran up to the door, rang the bell, delivered the invitation, ran back to the car, opened the door, climbed in, and buckled her seat belt.

She only let me go with her on one door.  The first one.
 And she totally rocked wearing my sunglasses.

I love finding gems like this on my phone.

 Yummy!  A cotton candy lollipop.

Back to Grandma's house for more painting.  Amy had finished the 2 coats of darker green in the family room and painted the kitchen ceiling white, all by herself.  

Didn't she do fabulous on her taping job?  Love it!

The girls were so good and stayed entertained with Amy's Disney movie collection.  Amy and I painted for almost 5 hours, and got the first coat of the light green in the kitchen and down the garage hallway pretty much done.

About 2 p.m., the girls got really restless, but I was almost done cutting in.  I told them I needed 10 more minutes and we would go home.  Then Shelley, Amber, Travis, Emily, and Shelley's dad came over!  They had just gotten to town after driving for 2 days from Illinois.  

We had never met Emily before (Shelley's 5 year old daughter from her 2nd marriage) and she was so nice to Ellie.  They immediately were best friends and disappeared in the basement with Travis.  Lynlee stayed pretty close to my side, and we all chatted for a while.  Then Amy took over entertaining duties while I painted some more.  It was great to have good conversation while finishing up that last bit.

And, they bought us more than an hour.  I was able to roll the whole hallway and part of the kitchen before we went home for dinner.

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