Saturday, August 24, 2013

First Primary Party

This morning was Ellie's first Primary Party, and we had a great time!  We don't have a park in our neighborhood, but we have a couple of "dips" (a.k.a. retention ponds/water overflow pits).  The girls hopped in the stroller and we walked down.

Ellie is getting so grown up!  She looked around and didn't see any of her special friends, but she ran right down to the group anyway.
 After the opening prayer and some instructions from Sister Boucha, they split into groups.  I loved that they put the 3-4 year olds together, and they went to the first station--decorating cookies.  Lynnie followed me around as I jumped in to help, and Ellie loved putting sprinkles on.

After she told Sister Perkins that she was 4 because she just had her birthday.
 Nice sister shared her cookie with Lynnie.
 The next station was fishing sponges out of water buckets and throwing them at the Bishopric.  This was a very exciting and fun activity, until Ellie got in front of a sponge and got splattered.

She didn't like that very much.
 The next station was a relay to pass a wet sponge over your head and then the next person put it between their legs.  The leader asked the kids to hold hands and make a circle to get the spacing, and the obedient kids just kept holding hands.  It was cute that they didn't let go.
 Last up for our group was face painting.  I know you are shocked, but Ellie wanted a turtle.  And a rainbow.  And Lynnie wanted a rainbow.  The 11 year old girls did a great job painting all of the faces.

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