Saturday, August 3, 2013

Friend Party

Ellie is getting so big.  And so grown up!  We decided to host her first friend party this year.

And thanks to ward splits and preschool and classes, she has so many friends and we didn't want to leave anyone out.  

We only invited 10.  That's not overkill for a 4 year old, is it?

We started the morning by making cupcakes.  It is always a fun extravaganza to pull out cupcake liners!

It was finally time for the party, and Ellie modeled her cool birthday sunglasses for one picture before they were quickly discarded.
 I love the Happy Birthday crowns that Ellie picked out!
 The guests started to arrive in their favorite costume, and quickly got a crown in a color of their choice.
  We had a lot of fun playing with balloons while we were waiting for everyone to come.

 Davis was kind enough to come and be the only boy at the party.  Way to be a good sport!
 We had a lot of fun playing Royal Statues (e.g., freeze dance).
 Gracee didn't want to play that much.  Oh, well.
 Next on the agenda, decorating cupcakes!  We talked Russ into hanging out with us during the party (really had to twist his arm to stay and chat with Greg).  Russ is awesome at jumping in and filling any need he sees.

 There were some pretty fun final results!

  Alanna came just in time to decorate a cupcake, and then it was time for presents!
 Davis wrote a lot of things for Ellie on his gift.  What a smart boy!

 We also played Princess and the Pea, but we didn't get any pictures of that.  They had a lot of fun sitting on some pillows and trying to decide which one had a toy hidden under it.  The kids were good about taking turns being a hider and a sitter.

Last up on the agenda, free play time in the basement.  Lots of flying leaps from the slide to the bean bag.  Super exciting to watch.

It was a great party, with lots of great friends.  I was especially proud of how polite and gracious Ellie was.  She answered the door for each guest and said, "Welcome to my party.  Please come in!"  She was also great at giving each guest a party bag and balloon when it was time for them to go home.

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