Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last Day of Dance Class

For the summer session of dance class at the Legacy Center, they don't do a recital, but they invited the parents to come and sit in on the last class.  I have spent every week watching Ellie through the window, but it is a totally different experience being in the room, hearing the music, and watching how distracted Ellie was by having us there!

She insisted on wearing this band-aid she got from Alanna.  She had no injuries.  She just thought it would help her head not be hot.
  Taking attendance

 Everyone stand on a piece of tape! 

Ellie picked one right next to us.

  Stretching and warming up, to the Tangled song.  Ellie was singing along at first and just watching herself in the mirror, but then she started following directions and following her teacher.
 At the beginning of the summer, Ellie would chew on her skirt when she got nervous.  She has gradually stopped, but today she did it a ton.
 I love watching them stand in a circle, come in all together, go back out, and
 fall down, and be in a position to stretch some more.
 A few snuggles for Daddy!  Always exciting to see him in the middle of the day.
  Ellie loved lining up and walking around the room on her tiptoes.  They did it every week.
 "Oh, Mom, I can't stand like a soldier.  I'm just. so. tired!"
  Skipping across the floor is awesome.

 More lining up on pieces of tape.  And more skirt chewing.
  The end of class, and time for awards.  Ellie got a medal and a certificate.  She was so excited!

 When she ran over to show us her prizes, she told us the medal said "dance star."  Good reading!
 Ellie nicely let Lu hold the orange flyer.

 Saying thanks and giving her teacher a good-bye hug.  I asked Ellie what her teacher's name is, and she told me it is "Chessy."  

I have no idea what it is, really, but she was very nice and very engaging.
Ellie definitely loves to perform!  She was on fire for the whole class, so excited to show off the things she had learned for us.

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