Monday, August 12, 2013

Pictures By Ellie. And Sweet Lulu.

 So excited that I taught Ellie how to print using "CTRL-P."  She typed up a scripture and printed it, then a prayer and printed it, then a talk and printed it, then a .....  You get the idea.

"Ellie, let's do your hair.  It's almost time to go and meet Tayler."
 "Don't you laugh!  You stay there and stay grumpy.  Whatever you do, DO. NOT. SMILE."

Lynnie Lulu is pretty sweet.  And pretty cute.  And obsessed with celery.  But not the strings.

 We went to Macey's to get things for our picnic with Tayler, and Lu fell asleep in the car.  She rode in the cart like this the whole time.

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