Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Aquarium

Elizabeth texted me this morning, wanting to see if we could meet at the aquarium in a couple of hours.  I couldn't wait to see our friends, and we made it happen.  It was so fun to spend the afternoon catching up, and watching the kids run around and look at the animals.  

Lynlee was most excited about looking for "pout pout fishies" and Ellie was most excited about whatever Davis was doing.

We got there a couple of minutes ahead of the others, and wandered around the gift shop.
 We loved watching the Pingus!

 I think we spent the longest time in the Education Room.  It gave Elizabeth and I a great chance to catch up, while Lynlee ate celery and spun the wheel, and Davis & Ellie played the computer games along the wall.
 They also loved playing in the caves, and made some friends with other children wandering around.  I love that kids do that!  Everyone is a friend.

When we got home, we played with Alanna.  The girls wanted to go swimming in our little pool, but after we got changed, sunscreened, and outside, we discovered our pool was missing (we found it later in Miss Traci's backyard).  So I pulled out the Hello Kitty sprinkler instead.  

Alanna hopped through it once.  After thinking it over for a while, Ellie ran up to it and away again.  Lynnie had no desire to do the sprinkler.

The big girls went back inside, and Lu and I hung out for a little longer in the shade.

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