Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Tale Of a Pout. Or Two.

One beautiful summer day, the Spencer girls decided to go to the park.  We talked about all of the fun things we were going to do when we got there, and first on the list was to swing.

When we arrived at the park, the swings were all full.  With a small hiccup and an adjustment, we quickly played pirates on the slide instead.

Until Lynnie had to go potty.  And Ellie had to come too, so we could all stick together.

There was the start of a pout, but it was a little pout, and Ellie got distracted by the pirate game again.

When two spots opened up on the swings, we were quick to run over and hop in.  

Another little pout started when Lynnie declared, "I don't WANT ELLIE TO PUSH ME!"

 Ellie kindly shrugged her shoulders and got on her own swing.

All was well again.

After swinging for a while, we headed to the monkey bars.  Ellie noticed a big boy (e.g., 9ish) had climbed a tree.  She wanted to climb it also.

Mom helped her up and she had a lot of fun sitting there and feeling so tall.

Then it was Lynlee's turn, and Mom realized she should take a picture or two.

 It was time to go, but Mom wanted to put Ellie in the tree for her turn at a picture.

But Mom messed up.

She put Ellie in the tree facing the opposite direction from before.

And Ellie emphatically told her, "you put me in the tree THE WRONG WAY!"


Magson said...

That's some epic pouting going on in the final pictures!

Bobi said...

Thanks for the memories of my own at 5 and 2-1/2. Not quite the same age as yours...

Just about falling on the floor laughing. I so appreciate the pics because that helps bring back those wonderful memories!

Chad and Linda said...

This is so sweet! Love this stage, I will miss it when it's gone :)

HappyCamper said...

Wonderful video. You need to do more of these things. Sure do learn lot's more about our precious children when things like this are done.


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