Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No More Pirate Patch

We go to the ophthalmologist about four times a year to track Lynlee's progress and see how her eyes are doing.  She has been wearing an eye patch for an hour a day for the last few months, and has gotten really good at wearing it without complaining.

And she had the best appointment yet.  She answered questions clearly, she did not cry, and she did not arch her back and try to get away from the doctor during the exam.

Greg and I were super proud of her.

She's big enough now that the tech was able to show her differently sized pictures on the screen and Lynlee was able to tell her what they were.  She called the airplane a fishie, and named everything else correctly.  That was a fun game!

 After her exam, Dr Young very excitedly informed us that Lynlee's right eye has improved and she does not need to wear her patch anymore.

At least until we go back in December and Lu gets reevaluated...

Great job, baby girl!

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