Friday, September 20, 2013

Date with Davis. And Then With Daddy.

I love having Ellie's preschool right next door.  Although it makes it to easy to be late, since it takes 30 seconds to get there...  But I love being able to check on recess simply by looking out of my bedroom window.

We were driving in the car Ellie said that she was excited to grow up and get married.  I asked her who she wanted to marry and she said Daddy.  And then Lynlee said, "but I want to marry Daddy!"  I told them that I was already married to Daddy.  Ellie then said, "well, I guess I can marry Davis.  He would make a pretty good husband."

We tried to convince Lynnie that she could marry Eli (they have the same birthday, after all), but she was insistent on marrying Daddy.

Sounds like a plan.

Later that afternoon, Ellie was laying on the floor in the family room and she let out the biggest sigh.  I asked her what was wrong, and she said, "I just really miss my husband.  I just really want to play with him!"

I promptly texted Elizabeth and we set up a play date for the next day.

In the morning, Ellie came running out of her room with her Sunday dress, and asked me if it was white enough to get married in.

We decided it was perfect.

As soon as we got to Davis' house, Ellie told him they needed to get married and be sealed in the temple.

Davis thought about it a minute and then said, OK.

Ellie was even kind enough to bring along Lambie so she could be their baby.  (A new Lambie--the character from Doc McStuffins.)

They divided up their wedded responsibilities.  Davis took Lambie grocery shopping.

Ellie vacuumed.

Elizabeth even had cake for us to eat to celebrate their marriage.

That night, we had a family date at Thanksgiving Point.  We originally were going to meet Lynlee's birth dad, but he got stuck at work.  We missed him, but had fun wandering around as a family.

Lynlee thought this arbor was a cave and she was excited to run in it.

Ellie performed some excellent dance moves.

And found purple flowers to smell.

The setting sun made some gorgeous light.

We loved walking on the white lines.

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Elizabeth said...

I guess that wedding rehearsal prepped them for the big day in twenty years...


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