Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hope's Birthday Party & Miss Kristin

We had fun at Hope's 4th birthday party.  She invited her preschool class, and Ellie was very excited to play with all the friends.  Lynnie and I tagged along since we would have to leave early, and Ellie insisted on wearing a princess costume.

The first game was pin the button on the Lalaloopsy.

Ellie totally peaked.
 Ellie and Alanna started by giving Hope a birthday hug, but then Alanna climbed on Hope's face and shouted "DOG PILE!"

The next game was to throw a button into a box.  Hannah was the star of this game!

 Some coloring, and then cake and ice cream, and we had to leave early to go to dance class.

Ellie is so lucky to have Miss Kristin as her teacher this go round, and to have Eden in the class.  Although it's kind of a double-edged sword having your friend's mommy as your teacher, because Ellie likes to try and monopolize Miss Kristin's attention.

They were learning plies here, and it looked like fun!

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