Sunday, September 22, 2013

Open Adoption

What does "open adoption" mean to me?

It means that Ellie and Lynlee will grow up knowing how much their birth parents love them.

It means that I love our birth parents.  Absolutely, irrevocably love them.  They chose life for the girls, and they chose me to be a parent.  This is an amazing gift, and an awesome responsibility.

I love our birth parents for who they are, for the people they are, for the gifts and talents and strengths that they possess.  They are truly wonderful people and I am blessed to be part of their lives.

I respect the birth parents in our lives.  I have a commitment to them to continue our relationships.

Are these relationships perfect?


We are all human and we make mistakes.

Are we committed to these relationships?


Do we keep trying, no matter what?  Do we keep loving through the hard times and the miscommunications and the misunderstandings?

Definitely, yes!

Do we all have a common goal, to see Ellie and Lynlee grow and flourish and be happy girls?

Absolutely, yes.


There is joy in adoption, as well as pain.  It is difficult to see the pain in the girls' birth parents lives that directly results from their choice to place the girls for adoption.  It is difficult to not feel responsible for that pain, to recognize that it is not up to me to "fix" their pain.

True healing can only come through Jesus Christ, through His love and His grace.

I am blessed every day by open adoption.  The girls are blessed every day to know their birth parents.

Adoption is truly all about love.

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