Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Sunday night dinner with the Morrows is always a hit--especially when Ellie puts a roll on every person's plate!

Monday night we went to a birthday party for our Bishop.  I was proud of the girls for holding sparklers--for the first time--even though they were both nervous about it.

Ellie was in love with their dog.

And, of course, jumping on the trampoline is always a hit!

Today we were able to have lunch with Kinz.  She is all grown up now and a Freshman at UVU.  I like to claim Kinz as my first daughter, and feel blessed that her real mom shares her with me!

Kinz is also really good with Ellie and Lynnie.  Ellie kept on "calling" her on her pretend phone, and Kinz would "answer" on her real phone.

I got chore charts for the girls a few months ago, but didn't really stick with them.  They are such good helpers now that I am motivated to pull them out again.  Our case worker was coming over for our home study update (which means we've been approved to adopt for a year, and it is time to refile all of the paperwork), and the girls vacuumed all by themselves.  Lynnie gave up after a minute, but Ellie insisted on doing the rest of it by herself.

She did a pretty good job, too.

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