Sunday, September 15, 2013


I got to substitute on the organ on Sunday, and really it was an experiment that didn't work that well.  

We got there at 10:15 so I could quickly practice.

I didn't even think about enlisting aid.

The girls did good hanging out by me for a few minutes, but then got restless.  A few minutes before Sacrament Meeting started, when I was playing prelude, and before the Morrows arrived, Lynlee had to go potty.  I spotted Brinn and told Ellie to take Lynnie to her to ask for help, but Lynnie said she wanted to wait for Hailey.  

But then it got desperate.

Luckily, Sister Gooch interpreted the distress and kindly took Lynnie to the bathroom.

Things went OK until the closing hymn, when Ellie darted out of the row and ran up to me.  I tried to tell her to sit in a choir seat by me, but she started crying and ran back to the Morrows.


The best part of the day was finding these selfies on my phone.

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Julie M said...

Yes, key learning from this "experiment"...CALL US and let us know to get our bums to church early!!!!!! :)


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