Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tayler is Awesome

Tayler is truly amazing.  My case worker asked if we would come and talk to the expectant parent support group at LDS Family Services with Tayler.  I texted Tayler to see what she thought, and she immediately said yes.

I miscommunicated the day, and when Tayler figured it out, she managed to get someone to cover her shift and still come.

Totally awesome.

Tayler was so open with the expectant moms while she shared her story.  I was really impressed by how she talked about the positive and negative aspects of adoption.  That placement was hard, and heartbreaking, even though she knew it was best for Ellie.  Knowing the decision is right does not make it easy.

I cried.  At least five times.

As she was telling how she came to pick Greg and I to be Ellie's parents, I was reminded of just what a miracle it was.  On, there are some options for searching for a couple.  Tayler said it was overwhelming how many families were listed, so she would click "10 random families" and look at the pictures.

Greg and I came up every time she clicked random.

Every single time.

After a few times, she clicked on our profile and looked through it.

Then she went to a specific search and put in every little picky thing she could think of.

Two profiles came up, us and another couple.


Our open adoption works because it is about Ellie, about how much we all love Ellie.  Tayler made the point a few times that our adoption works because of honest communication.  There have been and will be misunderstandings, because our relationship is a human relationship.   Communication, commitment and love are key to making the relationship work.

Tayler is articulate and bright and it was moving to listen to her speak about her experiences with open adoption.  I am so grateful she was willing to come and share her story.

I am so grateful to know Tayler, and to be a part of her life.  We are a family, forever.

collage that Tayler made for Ellie's birthday

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