Saturday, September 7, 2013

Temple Square

We had a family adventure today and took the girls to Temple Square.

And then to Costco.

We left before noon and I figured I didn't have to worry about anyone falling asleep until we were on the way home.

But I was wrong.

They zonked around noon.

Ellie was chipper immediately as we parked, but Lynnie took a little while to wake up.  Greg carried her for a few blocks and for a few minutes in the Visitor's Center.

Sometimes it catches me by surprise that these girls are complete kids now--no more babies around here!  They wandered around and explored and were fascinated by everything.  Ellie, especially, seemed so grown up.

 ...running up the ramp...

Ellie got ahead of me on the ramp, and when I got up enough to see her, she was frozen, just taking in the Christus statue.

She couldn't stop looking at it. by Ellie...

After we listened to the narration, Ellie told me, "I just need to tell Jesus something."

She walked up to the statue and very seriously talked to it, then she waved good-bye and walked back to us.

 My friend Kandice told us about a new-ish movie on families, so we found some missionaries and watched that.  It was beautifully done, and I highly recommend it!  This woke Lynnie up the rest of the way, and we were ready to try and take pictures again.

She was a little happier this time.

 Next on our tour was a trip to the basement.  Ellie and Lynnie ran around--we were the only ones in the exhibit--and Greg and I were able to leisurely stroll around and read a lot of the signs.

Lynnie ran around this circle at least eight times.  She thought it was awesome!

It was fascinating to see all of the languages the Bible and Book of Mormon have been translated into.

And even more fascinating to "read" a couple of those languages.

Ellie told me all about Laman and Lemuel and how they made bad choices and didn't want to follow Jesus.

Lynnie was fascinated by the escalator!

 When we got outside, the first thing we noticed were these beautiful flowers.  Ellie immediately wanted to smell them, and Lynnie said, "look at the purple flowers!  They are my favorite color!"

Some missionaries came by and said the girls could pick some, so they got a few each and carried them around the rest of the day.

Ellie loved all of the drinking fountains, and each time was convinced she was strong enough to turn it on.  All. By. Herself.

...she always needed help...

Being in the Tabernacle brought back some good memories.  I know the benches are uncomfortable, but I had forgotten just how uncomfortable.

We used to come to General Conference all of the time when we lived in Bozeman and Greg's dad was the Stake President.  We always had tickets available to use.  We even attended the solemn assemblies for President Hunter and President Hinckley.

Lynnie is getting better and better at stairs.  She loves to scamper up them, without holding on to the railing.

When we were almost back to our parking spot on the street by the Conference Center, I realized we hadn't gotten a family picture.  Luckily, a nice lady walking by offered to take one for us.

It was a great adventure!

Especially because just as we were coming out of Costco (the one at 1700 S, the girls needed some pizza for lunch), the rain started, and then it poured all of the way home.  I love great storms like that!

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Magson said...

I took Gwen downtown on Saturday too, but we were over at the Salt Palace for the Comic Con. Thought about bopping over to Temple Square, but Gwen was rather tired when we were leaving, so we just went to the train station and home.


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