Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adoption Walk With Me

The girls and I were so excited to go to the 8th Annual Adoption Walk With Me this morning in Liberty Park.

Last night after our weekly date at the temple, Greg and I wandered around Target so I could score some orange accessories.  We all wore orange shirts and orange pumpkin socks, and I got orange gel for our hair, and the cutest witch/orange pigtail headbands.  Ellie decided at the last minute not to wear hers, so I got to sport it.

Totally awesome.

The weather was gorgeous.  A little chilly for the girls sitting in the stroller at the beginning, but absolutely perfect for me.  We missed Daddy, who had his first mandatory basketball meeting of the year.

It was great to catch up with some of my favorite case workers who have transferred to other agencies, like Loni.  And great to connect with members of the FSA board that I am privileged to rub shoulders with, like Melinda and Melissa.  And great to meet new people in our local adoption community, like big wig Steven Sunday (the founder of Forever Bound Adoption, and the driving force behind United For Adoption).

I was in awe at how many of the people that I blog stalk were in attendance.  Like Haley from Adoption: Share the Love and Ashley from Birth Mother Baskets and Jessalyn from Birthmothers For Adoption and Lindsey from The R House.

This is an amazing community to be involved with.  Caring, generous people that I am constantly learning from.

After getting registered, we wrote signs for our birth mom heroes and played on the playground until it was time to start the walk.

Nail Polish the Dolphin says Hello.

We got in line behind Melissa and her family and started off on the walk around the park.

The trees were absolutely gorgeous.  I love autumn!

About a third of the way around the park, Lynlee needed to go potty.  I saw the bathrooms, located conveniently in the middle, and we cut through the park to use the facilities.  Then we headed over to the other side to wait for the walkers to come back around.

And we waited.

And waited some more.

And gave up and went and played on the playground equipment again.

Ellie looks so cute in her lens-less, hand-me-down glasses from Lynlee.

Ellie always wants to try the monkey bars, and today she successfully crossed three rings all by herself.  After she fell off, she had a stitch in her side.  She really used her muscles!

When the rest of the group made it back around, we headed to the pavilion for some hot chocolate and the raffle.

Lynnie is really good at blowing on her hot chocolate.

And I won a prize!  Two tickets to a Utah Symphony concert of my choice.

While we were listening to all of the prizes, the girls made more signs.  Lynlee drew lots of L's.

Ellie drew a picture of herself with her birth mom and her birth dad.

After playing a little bit, Ellie came back and drew a picture of our family: Mommy, Daddy, Ellie, and Lynnie. 

And then it was time to wrap it up and head home.  We had to get some pictures by the balloon arch before we left.  As we had started the walk earlier, Melissa had said it was like going through the car wash.  Lynnie thought that was hilarious and tried jumping up to get the ribbons.

Just making herself at home!

Ellie stood by Lynnie for a split second.

Such a fun event.  Maybe next year I will remember ahead of time to invite people to come with us!

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