Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First Preschool Field Trip to the Farm

Lynnie and I were excited to tag along on Ellie's first preschool field trip.  We went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point.  Lynlee had a little bit of a runny nose, so I chose to skip Kindermusik and tag along with the big girls (less germ sharing when we are outside).

We got there a little early and had a lot of fun waiting to go in.
Lynlee, Ellie, Alanna, Hannah, Hope, Leah, and Ava

This was a fabulous attempt for another group picture.  The Sun. Is. Too. Bright!!!

One highlight was the hay ride.  We got to sit right up front by the driver, and Ellie was very excited about that.

Feeding the goats is always a treat.

Ellie loves pushing the stroller purse and coat holder.

This is Lynlee's please-may-I-do-that face.  So cute!

We went back a second time to play in the jail because it was empty.  For about a minute.  Then another field trip group joined us and Lynlee got a little bit nervous.  Ellie was an amazing sister and literally pulled Lynlee out of the way, after giving her a big hug.

The pony ride is always a hit!

Lynlee and I watched the preschool girls go first (6 little girls and 6 ponies).  Lu picked out the pony she wanted and was really excited.  Once it was her turn, she got a nervous and kept on telling me, "no thank you."  I got her to sit on the saddle to give it a try, and after keeping a death grip on me for a few yards, she relaxed and loved it.  I even let go of her by the end.  When we got home, Lu said her favorite part of the farm was the horsey ride.


Elizabeth said...

Cute sweater and top :) sounds like a fun trip.

Elizabeth said...

Cute sweater and top :) sounds like a fun trip. I love when siblings protect each other!


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