Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fun with Gwen

We were so lucky to have Gwen come for a sleepover.  (Her mom is having surgery.)  It was great that Alanna and Hope came by to play as well.

We played downstairs a lot.  Gwen loved the slide.

Gwen was cute and kept on calling me Alison.  I corrected her once, but did not care that much.  I knew who she meant!  Ellie cared--she corrected her every time.  Lynlee just thought it was hilarious and started calling me Alison as well!

Lynlee loved laying on the stairs.  I don't blame her.  The carpet is really comfy. 

I was able to slip out for a couple of hours and go with Greg to a wedding he was officiating.  It was absolutely the most gorgeous day, and the couple had the wedding outdoors.  So beautiful.

We even got to stay for dinner.  I had the chicken cordon bleu, which brought back a lot of childhood memories.  We used to always have that for special occasion dinners.

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