Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grandma Great is 98

Happy birthday to my amazing grandmother!  She turned 98 yesterday, and the family gathered today to celebrate.

I love every thing about this picture.

First of all, that Grandma is actually posing for the picture.

And her wise eyes, encircled by her awesome glasses.

And that you can see her house key.  She always pins it to her shirt so she won't lose it.

Ellie loves Grandma Great.  She always says, "that's my favorite grandma ever!"

Lynlee packed two pairs of tip-toe shoes {dress-up shoes} and two pairs of glubs {gloves}.  She wanted to be fancy for Grandma Great's party.

I handed the camera over to Lyssa, who became the photographer for the night.  She has a fresh perspective!

I wish I knew what Ellie was telling Grandma Great.  I love that Grandma is listening and watching so intently.

I have strict instructions to relay this story correctly.

Ellie was taking pictures with the play camera (see photo above).  The camera shows pictures of animals on the back after you click the shutter button.  Bobi asked, "am I a giraffe?" after Ellie took her picture.  Ellie said, "no, you are a bathtub!"

Lyssa took the picture right as Bobi said, "A BATHTUB!?!"

Ellie loved opening the door for all of the cousins.
Lynnie spent a lot of time rocking in her favorite chair.

 And pretending to be asleep in the rocking chair.

Janice and Grandma were talking and Grandma kept on laughing, so I tried to surreptitiously take a picture.  

And Grandma actually said, "oh, take another one."

And she posed!
Jancie Taylor, Juliet Maathuis

Ryan Taylor, Chris Hall

Grandma's "roommate", Stephanie & Weston Taylor

Bobi & Brian Taylor

Phyllis & Bill Hall, Christine Taylor

Robyn Camp, Kevin Kubarycz, Steve Taylor
 Lyssa was very kind and took the girls downstairs to play.  I snuck down to see what they were up to.  Lyssa was texting and Ellie and Lynnie were playing.

Arlena Camp, Janice Taylor, Juliet Maathuis

Nice shot, Lyssa!

Shayla Hall.  And Lyssa in the reflection behind the lens.
...something on my phone was very interesting...
 Cake time!

 After her milk, Lynlee skipped out on cake and went to the front door to wait for Ellie and me.  Lynnie Lu was just. ready. to. go. home!

And here's an interesting story from my mom's family tree.

Cornelius "Matt" & Juliet Maathuis
started it all

Arlena Camp, Phyllis Hall, and Christine Taylor
3 daughters

Aunt Chris' husband, Steve, is my sister Bobi's husband Brian's brother.

Was that clear?

My sister and my aunt married brothers.

So our aunt is now my sister's sister-in-law.  And her cousins are also her nephews.

It's super fun.

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Bobi said...

And my husband's brother is his uncle!


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