Thursday, October 31, 2013


Ah, Halloween.  I hate scary things, so sometimes Halloween feels a little icky to me.  But the girls love to dress up, and it is a magical holiday for them.  I love the thought from the Middle-Aged Mormon Man when he says that Halloween is the most charitable holiday of the year--when doors open to us and we receive gifts and there is no expectation of anything in return.

Kind of love that idea.

And really love these darling girls all ready to go trick-or-treating.  Ellie was so excited and and had been looking forward with so much anticipation, that it took 45 minutes to get her costume and wig on.  She just. couldn't. stand. still!

Tangled.  A.K.A. Rapunzel

Love her poses.

Lynnie, post nap, was a little unsure about taking pictures.

 She quickly warmed up when Daddy stepped in to help.

Lynnie was originally going to be Snow White, but after wearing that costume to her friend's party last week, she didn't want to wear it.  (It was too long and I think she recognized that it would be hard to walk in.)  She picked her favorite outfit from the dress-up box, and Lynnie was a gorgeous princess.

We finally got out of the door about 5 to get started.  You can see Ellie's excitement--she is already on Hope's driveway!

Hope's house was the perfect first stop on our trip around the block.

This is the only picture taken of  me.  I only handed the camera off once, but I thought Greg snapped more than one picture!  I wore this cute hat, because Lynnie kept on asking what I was going to be for Halloween.  This was the best I could do.

"Come on, Mom, let's go!"

We have the best neighbors!  Ellie and Lu were so polite and so excited about every piece of candy they received.

After going to a few houses, I realized I should take pictures on my phone so I would have some options for social media.

The best stop of the night was to see Mom Julie and Nick.  In fact, as we meandered around the block, Lynnie would ask every house or two, "when will we get to Mom Julie's house?"  It was perfect to stop there.  We had a potty break and Lynnie got some milk.  Plus, Ellie got to pass out candy to all of the trick-or-treaters.  By the time we left, it was dark, so the coats went on, and we were able to stop by a few more doors on our way home.

I had left a bowl of candy on our porch because I knew we would miss the biggest crowds.  When we got home it was empty, and I wish I had stacked it higher!  Not too many more kids came by, and we were left with way too much candy.  

After making a quick dinner of whole wheat apple pancakes and scrambled eggs, we loved having Russ & Elizabeth stop by (they had come back to trick or treat in our neighborhood).  And then Staci, Dallin, and Kyralyn came by for a couple of hours.  So much fun!

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