Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hee Haw Farms

Sometimes I have to pinch myself, that I get to be Mom to these beautiful girls.  They are so grown up, and keep amazing me with how much they know and can do!

We spent a wonderful afternoon at Hee Haw Farms with Lynlee's birth dad.  It was the perfect size for us and our attention spans.  Lynlee fell asleep in the car on the way, and Greg held her on his shoulder while we waited in line to get tickets.  Ellie entertained me by jumping on the hay bales.

The first thing the girls wanted to do was go on a hay ride to the pumpkin patch.  While we were waiting for the wagon to come back, we had fun riding on the horse swings.

The hay ride was awesome.  We got to ride behind a tractor and sit on soft, cushy hay.

We made a rule that they could pick whatever pumpkin they wanted, as long as they could carry it.

Lynlee followed the rule.

Ellie did not...(Daddy carried her pumpkin for her.)

When we were getting ready to go, Lynlee picked her brown boots to wear.  Which meant she wanted tights.  Which meant a skirt.  Which meant she was dressed up fancy.  Once Lynnie was dressed, Ellie also wanted to dress up fancy.  I love the contrast between their outfits and the setting!

We saw the tractor coming back through the fields with another group, and went to get in line for our turn to go back.  And then we watched the tractor stop, and the driver hop out and sprint back down the road.  After looking at each other for a minute, we decided to walk back.  We put our pumpkins in a cart, and the girls insisted on pushing it themselves.  Ellie did not want any help.  

About halfway back, the driver of the tractor was back and got it up and running again.  So we hopped in and rode back in style.

More fun on the swings--this time on the motorcycle one.

We wandered down and around to see what else there was to see, and Ellie was excited to try out the slide.  Lynlee couldn't quite navigate the stairs, which is good.  I know she would have gotten to the top and freaked out.  She doesn't like to come down slides unless someone is holding her hand.

Ellie was a little cautious at the top, and the children behind her were kind and patiently waited for her to move--slowly--across the space.

Are you coming?

This is totally classic.  Ellie wanted a picture in every single opening.  But the sun was SO BRIGHT!

Lynnie went over so we could get a picture of them together, and then a group of 5 other kids ran up and kind of pushed the girls out of the way.  I was proud that Ellie just took Lynlee's hand and said, "we can go next!"

Being able to pet the animals was one of Ellie's favorite parts of the day.  She was so excited to touch the sheep!  A lot of people bought the animal feed, and this sheep was kind of a bully.  It would push the goats out of the way and get all of the food itself.

"It's a chicken, just like Nick's!"

Photo by Ellie

Next up on our loop was the pony ride.  I got in line, and everyone else played in the hay bale maze.

"When will it be our turn?"

After waiting for about half an hour in line (and frantically running Lynlee to the bathroom--getting back without about 2 minutes to spare), it was our turn.  Ellie was so excited and hopped right on her horse.

Lynnie said she was excited, and kept on telling us that her favorite part of visiting the farm at Thanksgiving Point was the pony ride.  But once she got near this pony, she was nervous, and kept a death grip on Greg's hand the whole time around.  I am proud of her for trying it, even though she was a little bit scared.

Later that night, I asked Lu what her favorite part of the pumpkin patch was, and she said, "well, not the pony ride!"

"Can you wave at Mommy?"

Now it was getting late, and we were ready to go.  Daddy promised Lynnie some milk and we started back to the car.  We ran into the twin girls from Lynnie's Kindermusik class, and Lynnie was not at all interested in saying hi.  She was a little traumatized by riding the pony on an empty stomach and just wanted her milk.

Ellie took advantage of my conversation by taking one more quick ride on the slide.

We passed the perfect set-up on our way out--it was practically screaming for a picture.

That lasted about 5 seconds.

Did I mention that Lynnie Lu just wanted her milk?

We quickly got to the car, got Lynnie her milk, and Ellie stripped down, washed with baby wipes, and changed into the extra clothes kept in the car.  She had a few little rashes on her legs (too much hay bale jumping) and was a little itchy.

Next up was some dinner and more visiting with our friends, and then home for baths and bed.  It was a great day!

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RawBoneinLA said...

Cowboy boots are PERFECT for a day at the pumpkin patch :-)


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