Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hodge Podge

Lynnie loves to dress up and look pretty!  The first thing she did on this morning was put on her pretty black dress.  The second thing was to find her "pack pack" with her tiptoe shoes and gloves.

 She drank milk in style, my friend.  In style.

Ellie is awesome.  And loves turtles.  Because Tayler loves turtles.

I got this Book of Mormon Reading Chart a couple of years ago.  And we are finally using it.  Ellie was very excited to be able to color in four circles.  And she did each circle a different color.

"Mom.  Dad.  How about I take your picture?"

I ordered a couple of Christmas presents from an online printing company, and needed to spend a couple more dollars to get free shipping.  It was $1 more in total cost to get free shipping + another product (vs. paying for shipping).  My extra product was a set of wall decals.  I ordered my favorites from our Shadetree Photography photo shoot, and the girls loved putting them on the wall.  They have arranged and rearranged them too many times to count.

Ellie likes to put hers up as high as she can reach.  So that Lynnie Lu can't mess with her pictures...

Lynnie likes to dress up in a leotard like Ellie when it is Ellie's dance class.  Lu was hilarious laying on the bench.  She would push and pull herself along, and slid back and forth the whole way.

Lynnie also likes to peek in the doorway before class begins.  Today she snuck all the way into class.

Ellie tried to bring her back out.

 They always get to dance with props, and this week they got brooms.  Super fun!

Our library does fabulous puppet shows for special occasions, and we loved the Halloween ones today.  Dolphin photobombed our selfie!


Rachelle said...

Fun decals, what site did you order them from?

Heather said...

I also got a memory game for each girl using pictures of themselves, and a puzzle made out of a family picture. It al looks great!

k said...

Dolphin photobomb. I'm dying.


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