Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Stake Center

The new stake center at the bottom of our neighborhood is done, and we went over for the open house.  Greg was going to walk around with us, but of course got stopped in the foyer and started chatting with lots of people.  

The girls entertained themselves well for quite a while.


Ellie's favorite former Primary teacher and her family came in, and Ellie happily went on the tour with them.  Within a couple of seconds of them leaving, Lynnie wanted to find sister, so we set off to follow.  After a quick walk around (we've been here before and it's not as exciting to the girls as it is to Greg and I), I collected the girls, we said goodbye to Daddy, and we headed home for bedtime.

We are excited that we will get to meet in this beautiful new building, and that we will get to walk to church.  It is so close!

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