Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Walk

I love General Conference.  It is a wonderful time to recharge spiritually and soak up the wisdom of the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Plus, I get to watch church on the TV in my family room.

And Greg gets to be home.

All day.

It's heaven, I tell you.  Pure heaven.

To celebrate seeing Greg during daylight hours on a Sunday, we went for a walk between sessions.  Greg and the girls thought it was pretty funny when the stroller would go all by itself.

We were not far into our walk when Lynlee said she wanted to show Hailey "Baby Elephant," so off to the Morrows we went.  It was a great stop, as Julie loaded us up with treats.

First, a treat for me!  This coconut syrup is delicious in my beverage of choice--makes a better dirty diet coke than coconut extract.

 I (of course) had to come straight home and make one.  And exchange picture texts with Julie (who was drinking her own dirty dr pepper!).

Julie also sent us home with some crayons designed to write on bodies (as well as a snowman kit and some books).  She told the girls it was face paint, but there was a book that showed pictures all over, so Ellie immediately stripped down and started writing on her legs.  Lynnie followed suit.

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