Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Violin Lessons

Today was the start of a new adventure:  violin lessons.

My mom has been telling Ellie for over a year that when she was 4, they would start violin.  As Grandma talked it up this summer and showed the girls some things, Lynnie seemed more interested than Ellie, so Grandma offered to start them both at the same time.

It's good to have connections.

The first order of business was to create the girls' footcharts.  This helps them know where to stand in rest position and playing position.

 Lynnie loved standing on her chart, and was really good at standing where she was supposed to be standing.  The dashed lines are for rest position.

Tracing Ellie's feet for playing position.

Grandma also taught them how to bow.  Ellie did it with her and said, "well, that was easy!"

 It was fun to check and see if they were balanced.  Grandma wiggled their shoulders and had them bend their knees.  Have to be comfortable!

At this point in the lesson, Ellie asked, "why aren't we playing the violin?"  Grandma was quick to explain they won't play on a real violin for a few weeks.  We were sent home with instructions on how to make a box violin to practice holding things correctly and learn the proper technique.

One more bow at the end of the lesson.  It was a great start!  We love Grandma.

Ellie was very excited to see that the rocket ship she made with Aunt Amy was still residing in Grandma's dining room.

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