Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Witches' Tea

Can I just say again how much we love Miss Leda and Kindermusik?

Our friend Eden invited the girls to a Witches' Tea.  The girls were so excited to wear their costumes and go to a party.  It was a good trial run for Halloween, too.  I learned what needs to be adjusted so trick-or-treating will be more comfortable.

. : Gorgeous Snow White : .

. : Tangled (a.k.a. Rapunzel) : .

The girls were very concerned, trying to figure out what Jasmine the cat was doing.

Miss Kristin had a spooky tea party set up in her garage.  I tried to drop off the girls and go, but Lynlee was a little bit nervous.  It was fun to stay.  We started with me sitting right by her, complete with Lynnie holding my hand in a death grip.  Within a few minutes, I was able to help Kristin serve snacks.

Ellie ate all of her snacks.  Lynlee ate one pretzel.  You know, just normal stuff.

After the snacks and apple juice (just water for Ellie, thank you), it was play time!  Ellie immediately climbed up into the playhouse with Eden and they played pirates.

Lynlee spent about 20 minutes on the swing.  It was awesome!

Ellie and Eden liked dancing and watching themselves in a mirror.  It was impressive to watch her swing her wig around.  And even more impressive that she left her wig on for the entire party.

After swinging, Lynlee walked over to these girls and started talking to them.

Major victory!

Then she played next to them in the sand for a few minutes.  I was very proud.

. : checking out the mirror for ourselves : .

After the Witches' Tea, Ellie wanted to play with Hope.  I went out to watch her walk next door, and Lynnie wanted to come, but she only had on her underwear.  I stood on our rocks and watched Ellie, and Lynnie stood inside the door.  But then she started to wander onto the porch, and our conversation went something like this:

"Lynnie, you can't come outside."


"Because you're naked."


She went back inside and then came back about a minute later.  She proudly said, "now I not naked!"

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Bobi said...

Absolute LOL!!!!!!!! Almost on the floor about the "now I not naked" pictures. Adorable! Thanks for sharing.


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