Saturday, November 2, 2013


Ah, friends.  We love friends around here!  We especially love having enough leotards so that when the girls want to dress up to play Just Dance Disney--they can!

Daddy gives the best horsey rides.  It is especially cute to hear Lynnie to say this chant we learned from Aunt Amy:

Ridin' a horsey
Into Lumbin {London}
Better watch out
Here comes a bwidge
You might. fall. DOWN!

We loved being able to help our friend Sheryl do a video audition to become a Let's Play Music teacher.  Ellie wore Lynnie's special outfit from Aunt Robyn (from Bangkok) and did her own hair.

It was amazing weather during the afternoon, so Greg mowed the grass one more time and the girls and I pulled weeds.  The best part is probably wearing gardening gloves.

After our chores were completed, we headed to Costco.  Nail Polish the dolphin made an excellent pillow.

I was texting Lynnie's birth mom, and had to take a picture of Lu trying to sharpen her pencils.  She was concentrating so hard, trying to get it to work.

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