Friday, November 1, 2013

November is National Adoption Month

I am excited that November is here, and it is time to celebrate adoption!  Greg and I are always adoption advocates (as you already know), and it feels like we have been especially involved in the adoption community in the past couple of months.

Things we've been up to:

~ Our adoption video was finished and posted on YouTube

~ We spoke on an open adoption panel with Lynlee's birth dad in September

 ~ We spoke to an expectant parent support group with our adoption agency with Ellie's birth mom in September

~ I recruited one of my former piano students (and dear friends) who is an adoptee to speak on an adoption panel in October

~ The girls and I attended the Adoption Walk With Me event in October

~ I had a guest post published on Blessings in a Basket {BIB}

~ I had a guest post accepted by Adoption: Share the Love (to be published soon)

~ and, last but not least, I signed up to participate in the Adoption Blogger Interview Project.  I have been paired with a fellow blogger (another adoptive mom) and we get to interview each other.  It is a fascinating project!  Our interviews will be published on November 12
Adoption Blogger Interview Project 2013

I love that November is National Adoption Month.  It is a good opportunity for me to reflect on the miracle of being a mommy, and to reaffirm my love and honor for the girls' birth parents.

Help me spread some adoption love this month!

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