Friday, November 8, 2013

Party Time

 This big helper got everything ready for Lynlee's birthday party.  She helped me with the decorations, the tablecloths, and the presents.  She arranged the serving things just so.

Lynnie fell asleep about 5 and had an hour nap before the party started.  Greg had the task of waking her up.

Everything's ready!

We tried to dye the cake batter purple, and it baked up a weird brownish/pinkish color.  Next time I will put the food coloring in the frosting!  Ellie and Lynnie decorated the cake all. by. themselves.   Lynnie was in charge of the purple balls and Ellie had the blue balls.  Lynnie dumped her bowl out in one spot and then tried to spread them out.

Nothing better than a house full of family!

Oh, Daniel.  You are the best!

So excited to wear her silver party hat.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Lynlee
Happy birthday to you!

Daniel helped me serve cake and ice cream to everyone.  And then he was excited to eat his own.  Lynlee's idea was to dye the vanilla ice cream purple, and it was a beautiful color (that doesn't show up well in the picture).  The girls and I made four types of homemade ice cream:  purple vanilla, vanilla bean custard, chocolate, and pistachio.  The vanilla bean and the pistachio were the favorites.

 Present time!  Grandma & Grandpa gave Lynnie giant coloring books and Staci gave her sparkly crayons.  Those were the hits of the night.

Ellie "helped" Lynnie open all of her presents.  That pretty much meant that Lynnie watched as Ellie pulled the gifts out.

Ellie wanted to pick out her own present for Lu.  I kept Lynnie in the cart and facing the other way while Ellie very thoroughly perused the $1 section aisle at Target.  She was very excited about the toy blow dryer and hair brush set she found for sister.

I did it!

About half the party guests ended up in the basement.  The big boys were repeatedly tackled by Andrew and Kyralyn.

Lynlee's 3 Year Old Quiz
all answers given by Lynnie Lu

What is your favorite food?  Celery
What is your favorite cracker? Brown crackers {e.g., graham crackers}
Favorite TV shows?  The Fresh Beat Band and The Backyardigans
Favorite movie? Cinderella
Sleep with?  Puppy, white blankie, dolphin
Favorite colors?  Purple and blue and red and yellow
Favorite art activity?  Painting
Favorite animal?  Dolphins
Whole name?  Lynlee Elizabeth
Named for?  {M} (birth mom's middle name is also Elizabeth)
Best friend?  Puppy
Favorite songs?  Fresh Beat Band music and I Am a Child of God
Favorite book?  Goodnight Moon
Extracurricular activities?  Kindermusik {Mommy & Me class}

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